Slides: Towards building an artistic discourse around music AI

On Thursday 13th May from 17:00 – 19:00 (CET) I’ll be part of the workshop ‘Exploring connections between AI and Music’. The live-streamed event is free to watch, and marks the presentation of the AI and Music Festival and its first activity (more information here). To prepare for it, I reviewed previous works by music AI artists and researchers. This slide deck contains a summary of how I perceive the current music AI scene.

ICASSP 2021: accepted papers

These are the papers we will be presenting at ICASSP 2021:

  • Xiaoyu Liu, Jordi Pons. On permutation invariant training for speech source separation. [arxiv]
  • Daniel Arteaga, Jordi Pons. Multichannel-based learning for audio object extraction. [arxiv]
  • Jordi Pons, Santiago Pascual, Giulio Cengarle, Joan Serrà. Upsampling artifacts in neural audio synthesis. [arXiv, code]
  • Christian J Steinmetz, Jordi Pons, Santiago Pascual, Joan Serrà. Automatic multitrack mixing with a differentiable mixing console of neural audio effects. [arXiv, demo]
  • Joan Serrà, Jordi Pons, Santiago Pascual. SESQA: semi-supervised learning for speech quality assessment. [arXiv]

Infinite thanks to all my collaborators for the amazing work 🙂