ICASSP 2021: accepted papers

These are the papers we will be presenting at ICASSP 2021:

  • Xiaoyu Liu, Jordi Pons. On permutation invariant training for speech source separation. [arxiv]
  • Daniel Arteaga, Jordi Pons. Multichannel-based learning for audio object extraction. [arxiv]
  • Jordi Pons, Santiago Pascual, Giulio Cengarle, Joan Serrà. Upsampling artifacts in neural audio synthesis. [arXiv, code]
  • Christian J Steinmetz, Jordi Pons, Santiago Pascual, Joan Serrà. Automatic multitrack mixing with a differentiable mixing console of neural audio effects. [arXiv, demo]
  • Joan Serrà, Jordi Pons, Santiago Pascual. SESQA: semi-supervised learning for speech quality assessment. [arXiv]

Infinite thanks to all my collaborators for the amazing work 🙂

ICASSP article: An empirical study of Conv-TasNet

I’m happy to share the highlights of my first paper with Dolby! We will be presenting this work at ICASSP 2020, in Barcelona.

Link to arxiv!

Several improvements have been proposed to Conv-TasNet – that mostly focus on the separator, leaving its encoder/decoder as a (shallow) linear operator. We propose a (deep) non-linear variant of it, that is based on a deep stack of small filters. With this change, we can improve 0.6-0.9 dB SI-SNRi.

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