Journal article:

  • Jordi Pons, Jordi Janer, Thilo Rode & Waldo Nogueira (2016, December). Remixing music using source separation algorithms to improve the musical experience of cochlear implant users. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol. 140, no 6, p. 4338-4349. [code1] [code2] [ASA]

Papers under review:

  • Jordi Pons & Xavier Serra (May, 2018). Randomly weighted CNNs for (music) audio classification. [arXiv] [code] [slides]

Conference & workshop papers (peer-reviewed):

  • Dario Rethage, Jordi Pons & Xavier Serra (2018, April). A Wavenet for Speech Denoising. In (ICASSP2018). [arXiv] [code] [audioExamples]
  • Jordi Pons, Oriol Nieto, Matthew Prockup, Erik M. Schmidt, Andreas F. Ehmann & Xavier Serra (2017, December). End-to-end learning for music audio tagging at scale. In the workshop on Machine Learning for Audio Signal Processing (ML4Audio) at NIPS. [code] [demo] [abstract] [arXiv]
  • Jordi Pons, Rong Gong & Xavier Serra (2017, October). Score-informed syllable segmentation for a capella singing voice with convolutional neural networks. In 18th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR2017). [code] [data] [arXiv] [ISMIR] [MTG]
  • Rong Gong, Jordi Pons & Xavier Serra (2017,October). Audio to score matching by combining phonetic and duration information. In 18th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR2017). [code] [data] [arXiv] [ISMIR] [MTG]
  • Eduardo Fonseca, Jordi Pons, Xavier Favory, Frederic Font, Dmitry Bogdanov, Andres Ferraro, Sergio Oramas, Alastair Porter & Xavier Serra (2017, October). Freesound Datasets: A platform for the creation of open audio datasets. In 18th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR2017). [GitHub] [platform] [ISMIR] [MTG]
  • Jordi Pons, Olga Slizovskaia, Rong Gong, Emilia Gómez & Xavier Serra (2017, September). Timbre Analysis of Music Audio Signals with Convolutional Neural Networks. In 25th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO2017). Publisher: IEEE. [code1] [code2] [code3] [arXiv] [MTG]
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  • Jordi Pons, Thomas Lidy & Xavier Serra (2016, June). Experimenting with musically motivated convolutional neural networks. In 14th International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI2016). Publisher: IEEE. [code] [MTG] [paper] [IEEE]
  • Axel Roebel, Jordi Pons, Marco Liuni & Mathieu Lagrange (2015, April). On automatic drum transcription using non-negative matrix deconvolution and itakura saito divergence. In IEEE International Conference Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP2015) on pp. 414-418. Publisher: IEEE. [IEEE]


  • Master thesis (2015): Music remixing using source separation to improve cochlear implant users music perception. Supervised by: Waldo Nogueira (German Hearing Center – MHH) and Jordi Janer (Music Technology Group – UPF). [code1] [code2] [PDF] [MTG]
  • Undergraduate thesis (2014): Automatic Drums Transcription for polyphonic music using Non-Negative Matrix Factor Deconvolution. Supervised by: Antonio Bonafonte (UPC) and Axel Roebel (IRCAM). [PDF]


  • Deep learning, a technique that also contributes to music technology. [link]