End-to-end learning for music audio tagging at scale

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Two songs from the test set were randomly selected. Tags predicted by the GBT + features model (traditional method set as baseline) and by the proposed deep learning model (with a musically-motivated spectrogram front-end) are compared to human annotated tags.

J.S. Bach - Aria (Vergnügte Ruh, Beliebte Seelenlust)

Top10: Human-labels

female vocals, triple meter, acoustic, classical music, baroque period, lead vocals, string ensemble, major, compositional dominance of: lead vocals and melody.

Top10: GBT + features

acoustic, triple meter, string ensemble, classical music, baroque period, classic period, string solo, major, compositional dominance of: melody and form.

Top10: Deep learning

acoustic, string ensemble, classical music, period baroque, major, compositional dominance of: the arrangement, form, performance, rhythm and lead vocals.


'baroque period' and 'classic period' are mutually exlusive tags predicted with high confidence for the GBT + features model.

'triple meter' is not in the deep learning list.

Kendrick Lamar - Complexion (A Zulu Love)

Top10: Human-labels

English, male vocals, rap, East Coast, breathy vocal, joyful lyrics and compositional dominance of: lyrics, melody, rhythm, accompanying vocals.

Top10: GBT + features

East Coast, West Coast, rap, hardcore, lead vocals, funk, old school, drums, electronic drums, party.