ISMIR 2021: some trends2 min read

I had mixed feelings this ISMIR: from one side, I was disappointed for attending to another virtual ISMIR – buuuuuut, on the other side, it was nice to meet you all! ISMIR is such a vibrant and enthusiastic community, that is always great to meet each other – even if it was virtually! Still.. I guess we all agree that ISMIR was much better when we had the possibility to jam on a boat! 🙂

This year, I contributed to ISMIR with the following presentations:

  • Industry presentation. I went through a retrospective of our recent work at Dolby, to try to answer some questions that I often get: what’s your research at Dolby? do you publish? can interns publish? who’s working with you at Dolby? Here the slides.
  • MDX21 (music demixing) workshop presentation: we shared the main take-aways of our recent research on upsampling layers for music source separation. More info in this demo website or on youtube.

Music technology trends

Significant advances in music source separation were presented. Here a couple of those (with code)!

Research on ethics for music technology is here to stay. Here a paper I enjoyed:

Automatic music generation (either in the symbolic or in the waveform domain) was also a big topic:

On new perspectives for neural audio synthesis:

Using semantic spaces (like emotion) for music retrieval:

Machine learning trends

Some ISMIR folks have been fairly excited with transformers, here some papers:

ISMIR is starting to explore diffusion probabilistic models (aka score-based generative models):

Also exploring the opportunities of knowledge distillation:

We also saw graph neural networks for MIR!

Also on exploring how to integrate hierarchical priors in neural networks: