On Prompting Stable Audio

Stable Audio allows you creating custom-length audio just by describing it. It is powered by a generative audio model based on diffusion. You can generate and download audio in 44.1 kHz stereo. You also have a nice interface, no need to be a hacker! And the audio you create can be used in your commercial projects. I’ve been experimenting with it during the last weeks, and here some ideas on how to use it!

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Slides: Tutorial on Recurrent Neural Networks

Although I’m now a researcher at Dolby Laboratories, I’m still collaborating with some universities in Barcelona — where I’ll keep teaching deep learning for music and audio. In this context, and given the importance of the gradient vanishing/explode problem in deep neural networks, this week I’ll be teaching recurrent neural networks to the Master in Sound and Music Computing students of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Here the slides!

Slides update: Deep learning architectures for music audio classification: a personal (re)view

As part of my onboarding at Dolby, I had the pleasure to be working in San Francisco. In order to share my recent experiences with my colleagues, I have been updating these slides and I presented some of my recent work at Dolby and Adobe headquarters.

Here the slides!

I hope this update makes this tutorial-like presentation more understandable to everyone!